VoIP tunneling systems

This article is a brief introduction about VoIP tunneling systems in relation with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. Below you can get more information about the SIP encryption and why VoIP tunneling should be used.

What you need to know about VoIP tunneling systems

VoIP tunneling is an UDP level encryption of the SIP communication that assures that the communication cannot be sniffed, monitored or recorded. As the tunneling itself is at UDP level it does not affect the quality of the communication.

The VoIP tunneling can be used for establishing VoIP communication between peers behind firewalls where the simple SIP communication is blocked. This can be a useful tool when you want to establish communication lines in countries where the SIP is totally prohibited.

The VoIP tunneling makes possible to build secure and more widespread communication networks. When a call center agent wants to connect to the call center server remotely, there is also a need for some encryption. This is truer when the agent needs to reach some customer data from a database. In these cases also the VoIP tunneling can be used.

SIP encryption implementation

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK highly supports the encrypted SIP communication between the peers, therefore it can make the communication and data transmission secure and the work of the employees easier.

Examples on encryption implementation:


This article introduced you the basic knowledge about VoIP tunneling solutions and showed how Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK can help you to fulfill your wishes about this topic. If you have read through this page carefully, you already have all the knowledge you need to start on your own solution.

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