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How to build a C# open source VoIP softphone with WPF GUI using Ozeki SIP SDK

Download: (14.6 MB)

The webpages below describe how you can build a C# open source VoIP softphone with WPF GUI using Ozeki SIP SDK. Follow the pages and find answers for what the fields of applications are and how to configure this solution. You can also find and use the sample source code for your projects.

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This sample program is especially for .Net VoIP developers because it only takes a short period of time to create a C# softphone, a softphone or build SIP VoIP call services.

The Ozeki WPF SoftPhone Sample is a simple softphone sample program. It is for presenting the significant and easy to use services that Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK offers. With this program you have the opportunity to make and receive calls. It is also for sending and receiving DTMF signals that are for navigating in IVR systems.

This writing gives you hints why it is better to use the Ozeki SDK than other SDKs on the market. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is well known to be the essential pillar of VoIP technology. The Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK based on this protocol to provide all the knowledge and functionality that VoIP communication requires. It ensures VoIP communication simply and comfortably.

The SIP protocol is responsible for reconciliating the phone devices, softphones and their capabilities then for establishing the phone line between the communicating parties. For these tasks SIP protocol needs to implement other protocols like SDP (Session Description Protocol), RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol), RTCP (Real-time Transport Protocol), DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency). However, these protocols are not further described in this page.

When you use Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK you only need to outlet the call process events into the GUI. By implementing Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK you can spare long development time and money furthermore you do not need to care of the study of essential RFC and the small pitfalls that occur during the programming...

Technical prerequisites to use this SDK:

Time needed to introduce Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK:
It requires a really short time to introduce this SDK. Just download Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK and then the (14.6 MB) to get started.

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Developer environment:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or 4.0
  • SIP account (or a SIP PBX)
  • Internet connection

Hardware requirements:

  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM (32-bit) || 2GB RAM (64-bit)

Getting started

  1. How to use a C# WPF softphone

    Before you start to build your own WPF softphone in C# you may be interested in some utilization tips. This page is entitled to be a help on how to utilize a WPF softphone. Learn more...

  2. How to configure a C# WPF softphone

    After learning the basics it is time to start creating your WPF softphone. On this page you will find a step-by-step guideline about how to configure the sample program. Also information is provided about what kind of licenses can be purchased and how to activate the trial version of Ozeki SIP SDK.

  3. Detailed source code explanation for C# WPF softphone

    To get learn the source code of this sample program in details check the source code explanation page for clarification. On this page you will find the source code with comments in a transparent way.

Name:C# WPF Softphone Example Program (14.6 MB)

In conclusion...

This sample program is meant to be a demonstration on how you can really implement Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK for creating effective VoIP solutions. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a true .Net solution meaning that it can be included to any software which is developed in .Net. No professional computer skills are required and the implementation process is really easy. With the included test component precious time, energy and money can be saved.

Licensing information

When you decide to purchase Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK license you may be interested in licensing policy.

A purchased Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK "license" can be used to build a "single product". This "single product" (along with its subsequent versions) can be freely distributed in as many copies as you wish without paying any royalties or license fees to Ozeki.

To check the available Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK licenses or to place an order go to Pricing and licensing information page!

Name:C# WPF Softphone Example Program (14.6 MB)

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