Introduction to Automatic call distribution / call routing

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK offers a first-rate technology and background to implement automatic call distribution in your call center. This guide includes some introduction to automatic call distribution and call routing with different strategies.

What is the Automatic call routing?

Call centers are usually used for a company's hotline services, where a server application accepts the incoming calls and transfers them to the clients, where the human call center agents are waiting for the calls. This transfer process is called call distribution that is usually made automatically in a call center server.

Figure 1 - VoIP call routing

Call distribution or call routing can be made according to a ruling system that defines the choosing method of the clients. This means that there are sets of rules that specify which call center agent will receive the call. This call routing can be defined directly in the PBX system but nowadays it is more usual to have the call routing specified in the call center server.

The following routing methods can be used for call routing:

  • Round robin: If more than one agent is available, the system will try the agent who goes after the last one who took a call in a round robin fashion.
  • Most idle agent: If more than one agent is available, the system will look for the agent who has been waiting the longest for a call since the last call they received.
  • Least Utilized Agent: If more than one agent is available, the system will look for the agent with the lowest utilization percentage. The utilization percentage can be calculated in the following manner: time of talk / time of being online. Afterwards, the next call will be transferred to the agent with the lowest utilization ratio.

If you want to set up call routing rules, first you need to decide which routing technology you want to establish. Then you need to create the data structure for the call routing that will handle the routing rules and make the decision of choosing a call center agent over an other.

The above mentioned routing methods can be used in a call center server for call routing.

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Training guides, simple examples

If you are looking for a detailed guide, you can find it in the Training section. Here, there is an example code with which you can get to know and try these functionalities.

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