How to listen in and take over calls

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK makes it easy and efficient to build a complex call center. Due to its masterful flexibility, Ozeki SIP SDK also allows to include great features like listening and taking over calls in call centers. This article introduces these functions.

What is call center manager?

The call center manager is a person whose basic role is to ensure the proper work of the whole call center. Therefore a manager has to be able to review the work of the agents, for example, by listening in certain calls or even by taking over calls if it is necessary.

The work of a call center manager should be supported by the server implementation. The server-side application should provide some kind of interface to the manager through which the manager can listen in the calls. This means that the manager should be able to see the calls in progress and should join the call as a listener, with or without the knowledge of the calling parties.

When a call center manager decides that a certain call goes into the wrong way, like the customer becomes impatient or the agent cannot handle the situation for some reason, the manager can decide to join the conversation actively. This can be made by getting in as a third party or by having the call transferred directly to the manager's call center client (attended call transfer). The implementation depends on the decision of which way a company wants to handle these critical situations.

Training guides, simple examples

If you would like to visit the detailed developer documentations, you can learn much more from the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Training chapter.


Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides support to implement call center applications and these can contain the manager roles too, it depends on the actual solution you make.

All the mentioned solutions can be achieved with the powerful background support of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. You can download and install Ozeki SIP SDK on your computer before starting to develop your solutions. You will also need to have Visual Studio 2010 or compatible IDE and .NET Framework installed on your system, as the program code below is written in C# language.

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