Monitoring call center activity in real time

Due to its outstanding flexibility, Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK gives you the opportunity to build a call center that can be integrated easily with a wide range of hardware and software (IVR servers, media servers, CRM, HR database, etc.). Even it also makes it available to monitor call center activity in real time.

Call center monitoring

Call center managers have the role to keep the work of the whole call center under control. This implies they need to be able to monitor the activities that are made through the call center.

The call center monitoring can be made by having a special interface to the call center server. This is the easiest way to see all the activities as every incoming and outgoing call center call goes through the server application.

Training guides, simple examples

If you would like to visit the detailed developer documentations, you can learn much more from the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Training chapter.


The implementation of this manager role support depends on the actual solution you make but it is sure that using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK makes your work easy and efficient.

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