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Mobile phones and platforms

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK saves you tons of time and effort during VoIP client development for mobile phones. This superb solution makes it simpler for developers to integrate VoIP functionality to their mobile applications. In this way, any part of a mobile app can be turned into a fully functional VoIP phone.

Ozeki SIP SDK offers VoIP clients for the most popular mobile platforms (like IPhone/IPad, Android, etc.). It gives you the opportunity to develop applications with integrated communications.

For building VoIP solutions for mobile devices with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, please follow the guides below. They include detailed information with source codes to make your work faster and efficient.

Understanding the basic concepts

Ozeki VoIP SDK provides professional technology for mobile VoIP development. You will find it easy to connect your mobile devices to the VoIP communication network, but first of all you may want to know the basics about mobile devices and mobile development possibilities.
You can check this information in the following article: How to connect mobile devices to a VoIP network


The Google Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms for smartphones and tablets. Ozeki VoIP SDK provides fantastic technology for Android platform development by using Adobe Flash technology. If you check the example programs and the online developer guide article on this topic, you will find that Ozeki VoIP SDK saves you a great deal of time and gives you anything needed for a successful Android VoIP application.
You can find the example codes and documentation on the following page: How to build an Android VoIP client


Apple mobile devices are professional and high quality tools that need to be used with applications of the same professional level. Ozeki VoIP SDK is the first development kit that can provide the high quality application development possibilities that you will find worthy for your Apple device. At the same time, Ozeki VoIP SDK provides the easiest way to develop these revolutionary programs.
If you want to know the most efficient way to get your very own VoIP communication solution, check the How to build an iPhone / iPad VoIP client article.

Windows Phone

Ozeki VoIP SDK provides VoIP communication solutions for all platforms and the Microsoft mobile platform is no exception. Uniquely on the Windows Phone 7 platform the Ozeki VoIP SDK is capable for creating VoIP communication program efficiently.
If you want to extend your VoIP communication network with Windows Phone 7 support too, you should check the How to build a Windows Phone VoIP application article on the topic.