Bringing up a customer datasheet automatically on incoming calls

When you use Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK for VoIP CRM integration, automatic customer datasheet selection also becomes available among other functions. This article explains the related terms and options to achieve automatic customer datasheet selection with Ozeki SIP SDK.


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be based on customer datasheets that contain all the information that is available about the customer. These datasheets are filled with information during the calls made with the customer. Some of the information is gained automatically, like the caller's phone number, the other are set by the agent the customer talks with, like the actual problem they have.

Figure 1 - VoIP customer datasheet

Datasheets can be used during a customer call for identifying the customer and getting as many information about the customer's history as possible. For example the employee can see on the datasheet that the caller customer purchased a given solution and didn't have any problems with it during the last two months. When this customer calls the employee can check this information on the datasheet and this can be a good base of the conversation. The customer will also be more satisfied with the service when the agents make them feel that they are important for knowing their customer history.

As the basic information about the customer can be gained at the beginning of an incoming call, the customer's datasheet can be instantly opened by the CRM system when the agent accepts the call. This makes the work of the agent easier and leads to a faster solution too.

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides support for VoIP solutions that are capable to handle caller information. They can be used in a CRM system for handling datasheets. The actual implementation depends on your business logic but the background for your solution is provided by Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

The example program that can be downloaded from this page is explained in details in the following articles:

Please check the above mentioned articles to learn more about automatic customer datasheet selection options provided by Ozeki SIP SDK. Then you will be able to create your own solution for CRM purposes.

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