Ozeki SDK for Linux

Ozeki SDK has become compatible with certain Linux distributions from version 1.5.0. This guide shows you the distributions which are compatible with Ozeki SDK, the prerequisites you need to have on your linux operating system and the available functions you can use to build your application with Mono Framework.

The OzekiSDK.dll library for Linux can be downloaded from the Download site. First, you need to install it on a Windows operating system. After the installation is complete, you can find the OzekiSDK.dll in the home directory of the Ozeki SDK:

  • c:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SDK\SDK\Mono\OzekiSDK.dll

VoIP and Camera viewer\streamer applications can be developed in C# programming language using Mono Framework. Only 4.2 and above mono-complete versions are supported. On Raspbian distribution currently you can install it from Raspbian testing repository.

Compatible distributions

Several Linux distributions exist, but not all can operate with Ozeki SDK. You can use the following types of distributions with Ozeki SDK:

  • Ubuntu based distros, such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc.
  • Raspbian

Features of Ozeki SDK

  • SIP connectivity
  • RTSP connectivity
  • Supported codecs: H264, PCMA, PCMU
  • DTMF handling
  • USB camera handling
  • Speaker handling
  • Microphone handling
  • BitMapConverter
  • MjpegStreamer
  • Mpeg4Recorder
  • WaveStreamRecorder
  • WaveStreamPlayback


You need to install the following packages on your Ubuntu based distribution:


You need to install the following packages on your Raspbian distribution:


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