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Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK will save you a lot of time. It will make you much more efficient when you build voice and video applications. You can concentrate on your project, the true functionality you want to achieve. This excellent toolbox gives you all the tools you need to create telecommunication solutions efficiently. Try it now ...

Softphone   Webphone   Callcenter, CRM, IVR
An excellent tool to build your own softphone or SIP client application

Build your own softphone
SIP voice calls
SIP video calls
SIP DTMF signaling
  Enables you to add a video phone to your website using Adobe Flash or MS Silverlight

Silverlight to SIP calls
Adobe Flash to SIP calls
Browser to browser calls
Webbrowser to VoIP calls
Javascript call management
  Can be used to add functionality to your call center, IVR or CRM

Build your own IVR
Voice recognition IVR system Voice Activation Detection Auto and predictive dialer
Call recording

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Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Product information (full datasheet)
Category Software Development Kit
Main task Makes it possible to build IP based telephone solutions, such as softphones, webphones, and VoIP client software based on the SIP protocol. Works with VoIP PBX systems and Internet based VoIP service providers.
Performance With our platform you can build telephone solutions that can serve several thousand simultaneous voice/video calls.
Connectivity It connects to a VoIP PBX or to a VoIP service provider over the Internet. Supports firewall passthrough (STUN).

Many VoIP sample applications built using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK with full source code:

Ozeki has released the source code for many popular VoIP applications requested by customers. You are free to use these applications and the code that comes with them. Apart from these, you can find useful documents and guides with sample programs in the Developers' Guide and at the Training pages.

Voice softphone solutions

  1. A simple softphone application for the basic voice call purposes

    A C# softphone application that covers all the basic voice call functions with a detailed step by step guide for better understanding.

  2. A softphone for call holding function

    A professional C# softphone extended with call holding function.

  3. A softphone for forwarding calls

    A C# softphone example that introduces the call forward and call transfer functions.

  4. A softphone with blind transfer function

    A great softphone application that demonstrates how you can use the blind transfer function of the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  5. An auto answering softphone example

    A C# softphone solution with auto answer function. This can be a great base for an answering machine or an IVR or Call center server.

  6. Softphone with Do Not Disturb functionality

    A simple C# softphone application extended with Do Not Disturb functionality.

  7. Softphone with .mp3 and .wav playing support

    A C# softphone solution that shows the possibility of playing an .mp3 or .wav audio file into a SIP voice call.

  8. C# text to speech example

    An excellent example program for demonstrating how you can use the text to speech feature in C# with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  9. Voice recognition with Speech to Text conversion

    A C# example program that introduces the possibility of voice recognition with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  10. A softphone for multiple phone lines

    An advanced C# softphone application that is able to handle two phone lines.

  11. A softphone for multiple phone calls

    An advanced softphone solution handling multiple phone calls at the same time.

  12. A softphone example for call recording

    An advanced C# softphone example program that records all the phone calls that is made by it. The recorded audio file stores both the incoming and outgoing voices.

  13. A conference call example

    An advanced C# application for demonstrating how you can implement a client mixed conference call with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  14. C# Autodialer example

    A great example for an autodialer system that can be built with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  15. SIP SMS example

    An advanced example program that shows the SIP SMS sending solution that can be created by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  16. SIP/SDP message manipulator softphone

    An advanced softphone solution that demonstrates the possibilities of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK support for SDP and SIP message manipulation.

  17. A customizable C# softphone example

    An excellent C# software phone for SIP voice calls with Windows Presentation Foundation graphical user interface.

  18. Windows Form Softphone example

    A great C# softphone solution for SIP voice calls using Windows Forms technology for the user interface.

  19. Callback form example

    A great example for creating a callback form with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  20. A customizable VB.Net softphone example

    A nice voice softphone example program written in Visual Basic.NET. A great opportunity to get the knowledge about how to use a C# SDK from VB.NET.

  21. A Visual C++.Net softphone example program

    A great softphone example that demonstrates how you can use the C# SDK in a Visual C++.NET environment.

  22. ASP VoIP example

    A great example program that demonstrates how you can use ASP programming language for building a VoIP solution with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

Video softphone solutions

  1. A C# video softphone

    An excellent C# video phone application that demonstrates the video telephoning features that can be implemented using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  2. Videophone example with codec and resolution modification support

    A video softphone example program that demonstrates how you can change the video device, video resolution and transmission codec in a softphone application.

IVR solutions

  1. DTMF IVR example

    A professional IVR solution that operates with DTMF signals.

  2. Voice recognition IVR example

    A great example that demonstrates how you can build an IVR system that uses voice recognition for navigation.

  3. XML-based IVR solution with DTMF navigation

    An auto answering C# IVR system that builds up the IVR tree from an XML file, uses Text to Speech conversion for reading up the IVR messages and handles the tree navigation with the received DTMF signals.

  4. IVR wit database

    It is an advanced IVR solution that stores the IVR XML (the IVR tree) in database. This example contains a web-based configuration interface.

PBX solutions

  1. Your first Ozeki C# PBX

    The easiest way to implement a professional PBX system with full functionality using Ozeki VoIP SDK.

  2. PBX authentication

    Implementing SIP authentication in an Ozeki VoIP PBX solution.

  3. PBX dial plan implementation

    Extending an Ozeki VoIP PBX system with customized dial plans.

  4. PBX voicemail extension

    Implementing voice mail virtual extension for an Ozeki VoIP PBX solution.

  5. PBX MediaGateway connection

    Connecting the MedaiGateway solution to an Ozeki VoIP PBX.

  6. PBX IVR extension

    Extending an Ozeki VoIP PBX with a virtual extension for IVR functionalities.

  7. PBX call queue

    The easiest way to implement a call queue for an Ozeki VoIP PBX.

  8. PBX call routing strategies

    An advanced call queue solution in C# using different routing strategies.

Call Center solutions

  1. Autodialer example

    A great example program that demonstrates how to build an autodialer with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  2. Predictive Dialer example Program

    A predictive dialer program that show how you can use Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK for specifying if a person or an answering machine answered the call.

Webphone solutions

  1. Silverlight Video Chat Example

    A website embedded video chat program using Microsoft Silverlight technology for the client-side solution.

  2. Mediagateway Easy Connection Example

    A great example for Silverlight embedded softphone building with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

  3. Mediagateway SIP Example

    An example program that demonstrates how you can build a Silverlight SIP application.

  4. Flash SIP Example

    A professional SIP example for introducing the possibilities of Flash.

  5. Mediagateway SDK Flash Chat Example

    A video chat example using Flash technology for the client side solution.

  6. Silverlight SIP softphone

    A great Silverlight website embedded softphone example program with detailed code introduction.

  7. Web to web voice calls using Silverlight

    Silverlight webphone example program for web to web voice communication.

  8. Web to web video calls using Silverlight

    A professional Silverlight website embedded video telephone program.

  9. How to add a Silverlight webphone to a web page

    An advanced application that demonstrates how you can integrate your Silverlight webphone into a web page with Javascript technology.

  10. Flash SIP softphone

    A fully featured softphone application that can be embedded into a website with Flash client interface.

  11. Web to web voice calls using Flash

    A Flash voice webphone application for web to web communication.

  12. Web to web video calls using Flash

    An advanced video telephone application using Flash technology for web to web video communication.

  13. How to add a Flash webphone to a web page

    A Flash softphone example program that introduces the usage of Javascript in embedding a webphone into a website.

  14. A Flash web conference example

    An advanced solution for webinar or web conferencing purposes implemented in Adobe Flash.

Mobile platform solutions

  1. Mobile to web voice calls on Android platform

    The easiest way to connect an Android mobile device to a VoIP communication network with Ozeki VoIP SDK.

  2. Mobile to web video calls on Android platform

    A professional video phoning solution for Android mobile devices.

  3. Mobile to SIP calls on Android platform

    Android platform application for SIP voice communication.

  4. Mobile to web voice calls on Apple platform

    Integrating Apple devices into a VoIP communication system with voice calling possibilities.

  5. Mobile to web video calls on Apple platform

    Advanced video calling solution for Apple devices using Ozeki VoIP SDK.

  6. Mobile to SIP calls on Apple platform

    Ozeki VoIP application for SIP calls on Apple mobile devices.

  7. Mobile to web voice calls on Windows Phone 7 platform

    A revolutionary VoIP solution for Windows Phone 7 platform only with Ozeki VoIP SDK.

  8. Mobile to web video calls on Windows Phone 7 platform

    The very first possibility for video calling on Windows Phone 7 devices.

  9. Mobile to SIP calls on Windows Phone 7 platform

    A unique Ozeki VoIP communication program for SIP voice calls.

For more information please contact us at info@voip-sip-sdk.com!

Use Ozeki VOIP SIP SDK in your .Net project and make VoIP calls immediately!

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Facts about Ozeki VOIP SIP SDK:

1. It is a true .NET solution
All functionality of the SIP protocol is implemented in C#.NET using managed code. This is a huge advantage. Learn more...

2. Outstanding compatibility
Ozeki VoIP SDK is compatible with the following PBX systems. Check out how to configure the SDK to connect to them!

3. Supports on-line VoIP services
Ozeki VoIP SDK is fully standard complient. It works with almost all VoIP service providers. We recommend you to use the following services:

4. Outstanding support
You can expect fast reaction times and excellent service from our software developers, who are constantly improving this SDK.

5. Extended codec support
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK has been developed to ensure excellent sound quality. For this purpose various codecs are supported effectively:

6. Customizable features and GUI
You can easily customize the features and GUI of your softphone when you use Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. For some softphone GUI design ideas please check: Softphone GUI page!

7. It is based on IETF standards
The Ozeki VoIP SDK is implements the following standards to meet the requirements of commercial VoIP providers and PBX systems:

Read more about how various standards are used in VoIP in the Ozeki SIP Standard Overview page!