Multi site VoIP systems (VoIP WAN) for companies

This article is a brief introduction about voice over IP technology in WAN environment in relation with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. After reading through this page you will be fully familiar with all the essential terms concerning wide area network VoIP technology and what you will need for creating your own solution using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a geographically dispersed telecommunications network. The term distinguishes a broader telecommunication structure from a local area network (LAN). A wide area network may be privately owned or rented, but the term usually connotes the inclusion of public (shared user) networks.

voice over ip technology in wap environment
Figure 1 - Voice over IP technology in WAN environment

Besides LAN, WAN communication is also important to a company's life. Getting and keeping touch with the customers is the base of every business. May those customers be in the next street or in a distant continent (Figure 1). E-mails and phonecalls directed to them are directed out of the office, out of the company's LAN, so it requires WAN.

E-mail sending already uses the Internet for finding its way to the recipient. Why not do the same with phone calls? Switching to VoIP technology is the revolutionary step that needs to be taken. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can communicate more effectively and incomparably cheaper with your partners and customers than using any traditional phone system.

Dedicated VoIP phones connect to the IP network using gateways and routers. They are typically designed in the style of traditional digital business telephones. You can also attach your PCs to this system in order to use a softphone, for instance.

This article introduced you the basic knowledge about VoIP technology in WAN environment and showed how Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK can help you to fulfill your goals. If you have read through this page carefully, you already have all the knowledge you need to start on your own solution.

As you are now familiar with all the terms concerning this topic, now it is time to take a step further and explore what other extraordinary solution Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK can provide to you.

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