VoIP telephone SET

Physical VoIP phones are the IP telephones using VoIP technology. They are very much like traditional phones but they do not have a telephone jack. They embody a fully functioning phone for VoIP technology because they include Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and phone. Therefore, they are able to transmit digital communications signals (converted to audible sound) to the user.

VoIP physical phones communicate directly with a VoIP server, VoIP gateway or another VoIP phone usually with the help of an Ethernet port instead of a phone jack. They can be connected to a computer or can be plugged into your high-speed internet connection. After they are connected there is no need for a separate stand alone ATA or a VoIP router. No personal computer or software is needed to be able to use physical phones, the only thing that is required is internet connection (normally a broadband internet connection). These physical phones may also come cordless (Figure 1).

voip phone set
Figure 1 - VoIP phone set

Dialup physical phone

A physical phone with a built-in modem instead of the Ethernet port is called dialup physical phone. This type of physical phones connects to a remote VoIP server via a modem through a dialup Internet service. Therefore, it is possible to make and receive VoIP calls without a personal computer or software. You only need a phone line and a dialup Internet account. These types of physical phones are welcomed especially in areas where broadband Internet is not widely available.

WiFi or WLAN physical phones

Wifi or WLAN physical phones have built-in WiFi transceiver units (instead of an Ethernet port) to be connected to a remote VoIP server through a WiFi base station. In this case the only required thing is access to a WiFi base station. This type of physical phones can be implemented to transfer calls to a GSM network.

Basic features of physical phones

In appearance, VoIP physical phones are similar to traditional analog phones. They have a headset, dialing buttons, and a caller ID screen. They can be corded or even cordless. They can plug into a PC via USB or into a high-speed Internet connection/modem with an Ethernet cable.

Advanced features for physical phones

Beside the above mentioned features VoIP physical phones can include further attributes. In this way, physical phones can have color screens, speakerphone, enhanced caller ID and more. Some developed physical phones can even be routers themselves and provide Ethernet ports for PCs or other devices to make a connection to the high-speed Internet. It is also possible to make video calls with some of the combines and advanced physical phones without the use of a PC.

VoIP physical phones are effective, convenient, and all-in-one solutions for implementing VoIP services solutions. Their popularity derives from their simplicity since the installation is easy and fast.

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