VoIP telephone adapters

On these pages, you will get an overview about telephone adapters that are necessary to use VoIP technology successfully. Read this information to use Voice over Internet Protocol in an efficient way.

You can use a telephone adapter to create high quality VoIP service using your Internet connection. There are different types of telephone adapters that can be used, read the following pages to find the one that best fits your needs. 

connection with a voip telephone adapter
Figure 1 - Connection with a VoIP telephone adapter

Figure 1 shows you the connection with a VoIP telephone adapter. An analog telephone adapter (ATA) is used to connect one or more analog telephones to a digital or a non-standard telephone system. The most common analog telephone adapters have at least one FXS port that is used to connect analog devices (telephones and fax machines) to VoIP services. Cisco PAP2T has two FXS ports that enable connecting your analog devices to the VoIP service.

With Cisco SPA3102, you can connect standard telephones and fax machines to VoIP services through IP-based data networks. With this adapter, you can manage your ADSL connection without a router. It can be connected to the PSTN through an FXO port and its LAN port can connect your devices to the Internet without using a router.

ISDN adapters enable you to connect ISDN devices and analog phones to the VoIP service. A great benefit of this is that you do not need to change your whole phone system if you would like to create VoIP service. With an ISDN adapter like FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270, you will be able to connect your analog phones, faxes, ISDN phones or PBXs to the VoIP service and manage them simultaneously.

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